Veterans Liaison Officer

Homestyle was the first private Aged Care Provider in Victoria to establish a Veterans Liaison role for its residents.

Veteran Liaison Officer (VLO) Program

As part of our Continuous Improvement policy, a Veterans Liaison Officer (VLO) role has been established. Homestyle was the first private Aged Care Provider in Victoria to establish this role for its residents.

The position of Veteran Liaison Officer is part of the Community Program for Homestyle Aged Care Services, and it facilitates links between Homestyle homes, the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), the DVA clients, their families and carers.

Our aim is to ensure the best possible outcomes for veteran residents and their carers.

The role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Ensure that DVA clients their families and carers (including professional carers) are aware of the support provided by the group’s VLO. Act as a single point of contact for DVA clients, their families and carers, Ex-Service Organisations and DVA with particular regard to resolution of concerns/problems.
  • Provide pre-admission support for new residents, their families and carers.
  • Assist in the streamlining of discharge and placement in other facilities as appropriate.
  • Refer residents, their families and carers to appropriate services/resources.
  • In conjunction with Ex-Service Organisations, coordinate DVA client visiting and information services, and establish/maintain communication and linkages between the facility and the Veteran Community.
  • Coordinate general health and lifestyle education and counselling. This will include the identification/development and implementation of health promotion programs relevant to the Veteran Community.
  • Ensure the Veteran Community is made aware of the range of services, programs and activities available at the facility.