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Our Homestyle fees and charges specialist, Mark Saunderson, has an in-depth knowledge of aged care and is ready to help you unravel the red tape.


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Our Homestyle fees and charges specialist team have an in-depth knowledge of aged care and is ready to help you unravel the red tape.

The Client Services professional and very personal experience can assist you in understanding the terms that are used, the fees involved at Homestyle and the outcomes from choosing various pathways to fund residential aged care.

Mark Saunderson | Group Client Services Manager

Mark will take the time you need to explain each step of the aged care journey and provide tailored estimates on the likely fees and charges, so you won’t be left in the dark.

All of this comes with Mark’s empathy, gained from assisting his family in the planning of 3 grandparents into aged care, where he faced the sometimes challenging and emotional decisions that have to be made.

• 16 years’ aged care industry experience
• Homestyle team member since 2015
• Highly regarded for his proven expertise
• Passionate about helping older Australians obtain affordable and quality care

Sue Moore | Client Services Manager

Sue will help to ensure that the transition into residential aged care is smooth and uncomplicated.

Having been with Homestyle for more than 10 years Sue has a great knowledge of the Homestyle admission process and she can also assist you with estimations on the expected fees and charges that occur in aged care.

Sue has also had the experience of placing those near and dear to her into aged care and therefore knows the challenges that placing a loved one into aged care can present, as well as the comfort and peace of mind that happens once they have been settled, knowing they are secure and well cared for.

  • 13 years’ aged care industry experience
  • Homestyle team member for over 10 years
  • Passion for assisting older Australians
  • Genuinely compassionate and caring
Julie min

Julie Irving | Qualified Financial Advice

Financial advice is available from Homestyle’s preferred partner, DMG Financial Planning, industry leaders in financial strategies for residents in aged care.

Julie has a Bachelor of Accounting and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.  She is one of 7 principals at DMG Financial and has been an adviser with DMG Financial Planning for 12 years.  Julie’s particular area of interest is Centrelink assessment and benefits and has been an Accredited Aged Care Specialist for the last six years.   

Julie uses her Centrelink expertise to assist people entering Permanent Residential Aged Care to understand how their assets and income will be assessed and their options for payment of initial and ongoing fees.  Her services include Financial Advice on restructuring assets to pay for aged care fees and Project Management of all administration and Centrelink reporting following the move into aged care.         

Julie has personal experience with placing family members into aged care and understands the emotions that accompany the process. 

Julie is available to discuss your situation by phone to determine the complexity of your position and your need for ongoing advice without cost.     

(03) 5144 4422 or 0419 514 494

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