Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly Loved Ones

It is said that Christmas is a time for giving but buying gifts for our elderly loved ones can be tricky. After all, in their older years many people have most of the things they want or need. They may have downsized from larger family homes into smaller homes, or perhaps they’re living in aged care or with extended family and have limited space. When trying to purchase a meaningful gift for a loved one, the last thing any of us wants to do is buy something that will end up in landfill or cause the recipient stress trying to make space for it! With this in mind, we’ve compiled some suggestions for thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for your special elder. There is something here for everyone.

Practical Gifts

  • Universal remote control with large buttons
  • E-reader with built-in light
  • Pill organiser with alarm
  • Automatic card shuffler
  • Key finder

Foodie Gifts

  • Hamper of their favourite goodies – chocolates, biscuits and their favourite tea
  • Small Christmas ham
  • Bottle of their favourite tipple
  • Voucher for a meal at a special restaurant
  • Vegetable garden starter kit

Comforting Gifts

  • Warm throw rug for their bed, chair or couch
  • Virtual pet for unconditional friendship
  • New PJ’s, dressing gown and or/slippers
  • Frozen home cooked meals to fill their freezer
  • Jar of their favourite home baked cookies


  • Treat them to a special high tea
  • Tickets to a concert, theatre or sporting event
  • Pack a picnic and take them on a drive to the country
  • Take part in a cooking class together
  • Relaxing hand/foot massage, hair treatment or shave/beard trim

Fun gifts

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Board and/or card games
  • Large print books and/or audio books
  • Colouring book and pencils
  • Gardening seat and/or set of garden tools
  • Sketching or painting set for arty elders

Gifts for the senior who has everything

  • Donation to a chosen charity in their name
  • Photobook of special people or moments
  • Digital photo frame
  • Memory journal
  • Wireless noise cancelling headphones
  • Cleaning or gardening service

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