Safe and Fun Activities for the Elderly during Summer

Australian Summers can be long and hot, but there are still plenty of activities that elderly people can enjoy. We share some ideas for helping your elderly loved ones to have fun AND stay cool during the warmer months.

Getting outdoors and soaking up some vitamin D and fresh air is important for maintaining connection with community, enjoying some social interaction, and staying healthy and active. Try and avoid being outdoors in the middle of the day when temperatures and UV rays are elevated. Go for a walk in the morning or enjoy some lawn bowls or a garden stroll in the late afternoon/evening. Indulge in an ice cream or a cool drink in a park or by the water, where temperatures might be a little cooler, or you can sit in the shade of some trees or an umbrella. Garden early or later in the day when the air is cooler, and the sun is lower in the sky.

During Summer there are many community events on offer in local municipalities – everything from concerts, craft markets, art shows, open air cinemas/theatre and celebrations for Festivities such as Moomba in Melbourne. Local council websites and community Facebook groups usually advertise events you might consider attending with your elders.

If it is simply too hot to be outdoors, enjoy some cultural activities at local art galleries or museums. Take in a show at the theatre or a movie or attend a local library or neighbourhood centre and participate in a class or listen to a speaker of interest.  It’s also a great opportunity to play a board game, read a book, or take up a craft activity.

Water activities are a great way to stay fit and active over the warmer months. Enjoy a water aerobics class, a spot of fishing or swim regularly at a local pool or the beach. An indoor yoga, dance or Tai Chi class may also be ideal if you prefer not to be in the water.

Whatever activities you and your elderly loved one choose to do during the Australian Summer, it’s important to remember some basic principles in order to beat the heat.

  • Avoid being outdoors in the hottest part of the day
  • Apply a Broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ or above
  • Wear clothes made from breathable fabrics, sunglasses and hat
  • Stay in the shade where possible
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you don’t get dehydrated

At Homestyle Aged Care we have a team of Lifestyle Coordinators who will ensure your elders are actively engaged and comfortable during Summer. If you would like to arrange a tour of one of our homes, please call us on 1300 104 663 or contact us here


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