Monitoring the Elderly Remotely

Caring from a distance for our elderly loved ones certainly has it challenges, but it’s invaluable knowing that, with today’s technology, we can monitor them remotely helping to keep them safe.  In the last two years, particularly with border closures and lockdowns across Australia, it has become apparent we need to explore the possibilities and options around monitoring our elderly parents remotely.

The Benefits of Monitoring Remotely:

  • Monitor those with cognitive decline.
  • Respond quickly in a fall situation
  • Oversee a medical problem.

Things to Consider:

  • Does the system monitor for fire or smoke?
  • How many family members/carers can connect with the system?
  • Is there a fall detection system in place?
  • What are the charging components of the device?
  • What is the range/sensitivity of the equipment?
  • Ensure you have sought consent from the legal guardians. Using a camera or audio to record and monitor someone without consent is illegal.
  • What are the ongoing monthly fees and contract?

Monitoring Device Options:

  • Emergency alert bracelets or necklaces. But one must consider that they may need to be removed for showering and dressing.
  • Mobile Apps that can be installed on your loved ones phone.  One such example is The Senior Safety App.  Life360 is another monitoring App.
  • GPS Enabled tracker devices can provide mobile alerts and are accurate to within one metre.
  • Wi-Fi Camera Security devices equipped with motion detection sensors to give you alerts.
  • Smart locks make it possible to open/close doors from a distance.
  • Video door bells. The Ring Video Doorbell allows you to answer the doorbell remotely.  It also offers live streaming, night vision and two-way audio.  There will however be areas that are not in view, so you will need to think where you place the video.
  • Telehealth also offers remote monitoring devices. Patients receive a fully configured device that can remotely check blood glucose levels, blood pressure and more.

Having these systems in place can give the elderly peace of mind, not to mention their loved ones.  Knowing that you can check on your parents in real time, be alerted if there has been no recent movement, or your parent has left the house unexpectedly, means you can address the situation as needed.  These options are invaluable and cost effective and a great solution.

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