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Rehabilitation Services on Site

Anne’s Stroke Recovery with Rehabilitation Services on Site

When Anne had a stroke in late October 2020, her original prognosis was that she would not walk again. However, by the middle of December, when Anne moved into our Rowville Manor home, she arrived walking with the aid of an ankle/foot orthosis, due to the early intervention of rehabilitation.

Anne then began rehabilitation work with the Concentric team, a leading Physiotherapy and Allied Health provider.  Concentric Healthcare Services are contracted to Homestyle, and they have a full rehabilitation gym on site.  Concentric rehabilitation packages are tailored to each resident.  In Anne’s case, her rehabilitation was tailored towards improving her strength and mobility.

Within a few weeks of rehabilitation, consisting of two sessions a week, Anne no longer had the ankle/foot orthosis and was walking with the aid of a four-wheel frame. This gave her independence, as well as the opportunity to meet and mingle with other residents, and she was able to start taking walks in the garden, which brought her much joy.

As Anne’s mobility increased, it was time to add some goals.  With the assistance of her team of therapists Sarah, Tessa and Quynhi, a plan was devised to persuade Anne to make a simple meal, a meaningful and necessary step in her recovery.  Anne was able to practice what she would normally do at home, make a cup of tea and some toast!  When this goal was achieved, Anne was then encouraged to make lunch for our team!  Her famous chicken, avocado and strawberry sandwiches were a real hit!

Well into her recovery, Anne is now preparing to return home!  Once the Aged Care & Occupational Assessment is completed, paperwork prepared and extra services implemented to assist Anne at home, she will have achieved her wish to be back home! Well done Anne for your persistence and hard work, and to the wonderful team at Concentric Rowville, for their care, attention, dedication, and support that they give to our residents in rehabilitation.

If you would like to know more about rehabilitation programs in our Rowville home, or further information about short-term or long-term accommodation in one of our homes, you can phone us on (03) 9559 0400 or contact us here.


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