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Fun Things to do with Elderly Parents and Loved Ones

When caring for an elderly loved one, it can be difficult to look beyond the everyday and find things that you both enjoy doing together. Spending time engaging in a fun activity is an important way to foster connection and alleviate boredom and stress. If your loved one has limited mobility you will need to be a little bit more creative, but there are still plenty of options for you to get together and have some fun!

We’ve put together a list of suggestions for fun things you can do with your elderly loved one this holiday season and beyond.


  1. Pack a picnic and head to the park, beach or countryside


  1. Visit an art gallery or museum


  1. Do some light gardening/planting together


  1. Go for a walk


  1. Find a nostalgic family recipe and do some cooking together


  1. Head to the library and borrow some books


  1. Play a board game or some cards


  1. Go to the movies, a concert or the ballet


  1. Indulge in a massage or a manicure/pedicure


  1. Take up a new hobby you both enjoy – lawn bowls, cooking, birdwatching or gardening


  1. Get creative with art – draw, paint, colour-in or get messy with pottery


  1. Undertake some voluntary work for a charity you both feel passionate about


  1. Visit a new restaurant for a meal


  1. Take them to visit their extended family or arrange for the family to visit them!


  1. Do a gentle Yoga or Tai-Chi class


  1. Swim and/or take an aqua aerobics class at your local pool


  1. Have a go at a DIY project – plant a herb garden, sew a quilt or refurbish a piece of furniture


  1. Enjoy a dance class together


  1. Research your ancestry and build a family tree


  1. Teach them how to use technology so they can connect with friends and family using Facebook, Skype or Facetime


  1. Sit together and pore over the family photo albums or watch old videos together


  1. Organise a sing-a-long around the family piano


  1. Go for a Sunday drive in the country and indulge in a delicious Devonshire tea or lunch at a cellar door


Whatever activities you choose to do with your ageing loved ones, the most important thing is to make it a priority to spend time together!

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