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Downsizing into Aged Care at Homestyle Aged Care

Downsizing into Aged Care

Moving from independent living and downsizing into an Aged Care home in Melbourne will no doubt seem overwhelming and challenging to begin with.  It’s an emotional, stressful as well as labor intensive phase in someone’s life.  Before you begin, create an effective plan and communicate that clearly with all involved in the move.  It helps to break down the transition and preparation is the key!


  • Once you have signed all the paperwork, have a moving date and you have engaged all the specialist services and people you need such as the removalist, start formulating a plan.
  • Enlist the help of family members, relatives and any friends who can help. Ensure they know what each of their ‘jobs’ are.
  • Include those moving into Aged Care in the process so they will feel empowered and involved in their move. This could be as simple as drawing their room, and cutting up pieces of paper to represent furniture and getting them to arrange how they would like the furniture placed in their new room.
  • You could consider speaking with an Aged Care Consultant who specialises in this complex journey when downsizing into Aged Care.  Someone to guide you through the confusing Aged Care maze and support you though this emotional time such as Help@Hand Aged Care Placements.


Time to sort & de-clutter all furniture, appliances and personal items. Consider these 3 categories.

  • Functional – what you use and will need.
  • Favorites – what you love and can’t do without.
  • Farewell – these are items that will need to go.   You will then have to make decisions on selling, donating or throwing out each item.

It will be easiest to sort through functional and favorite items.  The ‘farewells’ will take longer as these will include sentimental items and belongings difficult to part with.  If you are not sure, also have a storage pile.  These are items that you cannot bear to part with, you cannot take into the home but will be able to make a decision on later.  Make sure you limit these!


Once you have sorted what you are taking, you will then need to sort through the farewell pile and be ruthless about this!  Only you can decide if it is worth your time selling items online that you will only get a small amount from.  Could you donate this item to a worthy Charity or should you just call the Council Hard waste rubbish free pickup?  Anything broken, chipped or that has deteriorated should be thrown out.


Once moved into Aged Care you may find you could add something else for aesthetic appeal or remove an item you bought with you because it takes up too much space or just doesn’t work with the room décor.  It’s important to create a homely ambience and make the transition as seamless as possible.   The more you plan and prepare and delegate the easier the downsize will be for all.

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