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Staff at Melville Grange celebrate full accreditation

Aged Care Residence Melville Grange Fully Accredited

All Aged Care Residences in Australia receiving Government subsidies must comply with and meet quality standards.  These standards are called accreditation standards. These cover areas such as safety, security, catering, cleaning, health & personal care, resident lifestyle, living environment, staffing, management and continuous improvement.  This ensures that your loved ones in care are receiving the best care possible.

Aged Care Homes are accredited and monitored by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency for up to three years.  Accreditation assessors visit each home and talk to staff, residents and their families about the home and how it meets the required standards.

In May assessors visited our Melville Grange Aged Care Residence and we are delighted to share that this residence was fully accredited meeting all 44 expected outcomes.  Well done to Lorraine and her team.  The lead assessor remarked that the Melville team were kind and hospitable and provided resident focussed care in a homely environment.  They also commented that each residents room was personalised each representing the resident who called it home.  Special mention was also made of the clinical care Alisa was providing to the residents.

Thanks to all the hard work each and every one of our staff members put in each and every day.  It’s because of people like Lorraine leading Melville and creating an environment where the focus is on the residents and the care they receive that Homestyle Aged Care continues to excel and lead the way in Holistic care.

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Tim Humphries

CEO Homestyle Aged Care

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