The Homestyle difference is a philosophy of holistic residential care services in a homely environment of caring, compassion and respect for all residents.

Our vision:

To enhance the quality of life of all residents and satisfy the changing needs within an ageing community by providing excellence of care and comfort based on best practices and achieve a positive outcome for all stakeholders.

Our mission:

  • The provision of twenty four hour a day quality holistic care which meets the immediate and long-term needs of residents.
  • To provide a comfortable environment in which residents feel safe and secure as they would in their own home.
  • Maintenance of the quality of life of residents, self-esteem and respect of privacy.
  • We employ only ethical, qualified and competent staff.
  • We value leadership, professionalism and accountability.
  • Our staff are provided with up to date education to achieve best practice.
  • We value knowledge and commitment in our staff and seek to develop these qualities further.
  • To have pride in everything we do.

Our commitment:

  • Residents living in Homestyle homes are our reason for being.
  • We value processes that ensure quality outcomes for residents.
  • We support a diverse group of residents from many cultural backgrounds.
  • We respect the rights and dignity of each individual resident.
  • All members of the extended family are encouraged to be involved in the care of their relative.
  • To ensure we incorporate your feedback, each home holds regular meetings for you to assist us to continually improve the service we provide.