21 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Elderly

If your mum is in Aged Care, you may be struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day.   Your mum probably doesn’t need, or want much, and of course it can’t be something that takes up too much room, but you still want to be able to spoil her. We have put together a list of suggestions to help to make your mum’s day special.

  1. Bake some homemade treats and beautifully gift wrap them.
  2. Put a selection of teas together and display them in a purpose-built box.
  3. Have a food hamper or flowers delivered on the day.
  4. Buy a new pair of comfy slippers or a dressing gown.
  5. Purchase a lovely indoor plant or a small indoor gardening kit, there are also monthly subscription gardening boxes you could sign her up for.
  6. A Wall Art Hanging Garden with small plants.
  7. A quality set of headphones for listening to music.
  8. Put together a list of music playlists from Spotify on an iPod.
  9. Pre-load an MP4 Player with her favourite songs.
  10. A subscription to a Newspaper or Magazine.
  11. Purchase a Kindle or Tablet and download some books.
  12. Put together a collage of photos onto a display board or a digital photo frame loaded with family photos.
  13. A Voucher to use at a Venue that offers High Tea.
  14. A beautiful silk scarf.
  15. A Window Bird Feeder.
  16. A Text Magnifier to help read phone texts as well as books.
  17. A Sock aid or Shoe Horn that helps to put on shoes and socks.
  18. A Grabber Reacher Pick up Tool.
  19. An Ancestry DNA Genetic Test Kit.
  20. A Chair Exercise Program.
  21. Large Print Playing Cards.

If you are unable to visit your mum on the day, then sending a beautiful, hand-written card is a lovely gesture, and the grandkids can add drawings and notes.  Gifts don’t need to be complicated or expensive, it is the thought that counts.  Even just making a video call or calling is your gift of time if you can’t be ‘present’ on the day.  Enjoy and treasure your mum  on Mother’s Day.

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