The Importance of Maintaining Independence in Aged Care

The feeling of remaining independent when older cannot be underestimated.  Not having to rely on other people for some level of care, assistance or to make daily decisions, helps to promote a positive state of mind, as well as giving a sense of purpose in one’s life.

There are any number of solutions to assist the elderly, whilst maintaining their independence, when living in Aged Care.  The safety and support provided within a home, will instil a sense of confidence, whilst affirming your loved one’s abilities and adeptness.


The Home Itself

Various aspects of life are traversed in an Aged Care home.  Nutritious meal preparation, serving and cleaning up are all covered.  There are always several options for each meal so our residents can make a choice.

Depending upon your loved one’s health status and condition, unless they are high care and need the assistance of a carer, they will have their own facilities to wash, bathe and dress unassisted. Each bathroom has level access and the option of a shower seat to minimise the risk of a fall.  There is also an emergency assistance button in the bathroom to call for assistance immediately if needed.


Practical Aids

Simple safety measures such as grab rails, ramps and lifts are installed in all our homes.  Furniture is arranged so it is easy to navigate around, allowing residents safe access to where they are going or what they need.



Maintaining physical strength and balance helps to build flexibility.  Staying active and moving can help with memory as well.  There are simple exercises and activities that can influence you being the best version of you.


Leisure and Lifestyle Programs

All our homes offer lifestyle programs.  Many of our homes even offer a variety of activities at the same time!  So, if you’re not into a flower presentation you may like to hear a violinist play or perhaps join in a quiz class and all on the same day.  Keeping our residents stimulated, busy and enjoying life is an important aspect of being independent and making choices.


It’s essential to help make your elderly loved one feel that they have been involved in as much of the decision-making process about themselves as possible, even a small decision about to what to wear that day.

Living in a secure and safe environment with passionate and caring staff takes the anxiety and stress away from everyday tasks such as getting dressed and what and when to eat.  Having choices with these daily decisions maintains independence and that means living with purpose and we all need that.

If you would like to know more details about how our residents maintain their independence in our homes or if you have any other questions regarding our services, please contact us on 1300 104 663 or email us here.




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