Alec’s Stroke Recovery in Aged Care

Concentric Rehabilitation offers a variety of services to the residents of Homestyle Aged Care. The first fully-equipped specialist rehabilitation gym on site was opened at our Rowville Manor home in 2021.  Concentric provides private rehabilitation services across all Homestyle sites, with Wellness Centres at Rowville & Sunset Views Manor homes, and soon to be opened at Ferndale Gardens in Bayswater and Sea Views Manor at Ocean Grove. The biggest point of difference is Concentric’s approach to rehabilitation for the residents.  The Wellness Package provides goal centred, personalised multi-discipline therapy to the residents, presenting with group and individual sessions, regular reassessments, and ongoing goal setting. Concentric have helped the residents achieve some fantastic goals – such as the case study of Alec Nichol from one of our physiotherapists at Rowville Manor:

“Alec had a stroke in October 2021 and moved to Rowville Manor in January 2022. His primary impairments following his stroke were left sided lower limb strength and reduced coordination. On Alec’s discharge summary from the hospital, it stated that Alec had only been able to walk with the assistance of two people and a walking frame for 10 metres. It was deemed unsafe for Alec to progress further and essentially indicated he would not be able to walk independently again.Aged Care homes supporting Stroke Recovery, aged care rehabilitation, Aged Care Rehabilitation Services, Concentric, Concentric Rehabilitation Centre, Concentric Rehabilitation Services, Gym in Aged Care, Rehabilitation in Aged Care, Rehabilitation Programs, Rehabilitation Services in Aged Care, Specialist Rehabilitation Gym, Stroke Assistance in Aged Care, Stroke Recovery, Stroke Recovery in Aged Care, Wellness Package in Aged Care

From the first day Physiotherapist Jessica Ireson met Alec he inspired her with his drive to recover his function and his determination in what was such  a challenging time for him.

By December 2022, eleven months after Alec moved to Rowville Manor, he had made some phenomenal progress in a relatively short space of time in the scheme of a stroke rehab.

Jessica believes that Alec’s progress can be largely attributed to:

– Alec being an amazing man who has been extremely focused on and dedicated to his rehab.

– The availability of the Wellness Package at Rowville Manor, allowing appropriate neurological physiotherapy intervention to be undertaken and consistent intensity of practice – Alec has spent at least 2 hours a day in the facility-based gym, Monday to Friday, as well as a home exercise program.

Alec has gone from struggling to stand from a chair using both his arms with assistance from a physio, to being able to walk without physical assistance or a walking frame for short distances! The progress Alec has made through rehab means he will be able to go to his daughter’s house for Christmas this year!

If Alec had moved to a different Aged Care Facility without the availability of specialised on-site allied health intervention he would likely have never walked again, significantly reducing his independence and quality of life.”

– Jessica Ireson, physiotherapist at Concentric Rehabilitation, Rowville Manor


Well done Alec, it has been inspirational to see your progress through sheer hard work and determination!  If you would like to know more about Concentric’s award-winning rehabilitation program, with their team of qualified physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists on-site at our Rowville and Sunset Views Manor homes please contact Rowville on (03) 8799 2000 or Sunset Views in Tarneit on (03) 8000 8500 or head to the Concentric Website here.  To book a tour at one of our homes, call our dedicated Admission team on 1300 104 663 or visit the Homestyle Website here.


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