Father’s Day Gift Ideas for your Special Person

Choosing a special Father’s Day gift for that important senior in your life can be challenging. Older people often have all the things they need and want, and if they are living in Aged Care, they may not have the space to accommodate unwanted or impractical items, no matter how well intended. We’ve put together a list of suggestions to help you choose something that will allow you to honour your special person this Father’s Day.

  • Take him to a barber shop and treat him to some old-fashioned pampering with a haircut, massage and shave.
  • Be tourists for a day and plan a trip to a museum, gallery or historical landmarks for a spot of sight-seeing.
  • Invite family and friends for an outdoor get together and enjoy a picnic, or barbecue and some lawn bowls in the park.
  • Bring him some takeaway from his favourite restaurant and watch sport or a movie on TV, or play some cards over a meal.
  • Buy him a new pair of comfy slippers or a warm jumper.
  • Put together a hamper of his favourite treats and baked goods.
  • Organise tickets to see a movie – Gold Class, go to the theatre or watch his favourite sporting game live.
  • Create an indoor gardening kit so he can satisfy his love of gardening without the physical strain. Plants are a gift that keep on giving, so he can continue to enjoy the fruits of his labours as they grow and thrive.
  • Purchase an Indoor DIY Terrarium kit.
  • Build an outdoor Bird Feeder to enjoy watching the birds feed.
  • If he enjoys reading, a subscription to his favourite newspaper or magazine will be well received. Or consider a Kindle or tablet so he can easily purchase new books without leaving home! Apart from being convenient, the beauty of e-readers is the font size can be adjusted as required too.
  • Buy him a new board game or pack of cards that he can enjoy playing when friends and family visit.
  • Treat him with an electric chair recliner.
  • Put together an armchair caddy organiser!  This will help to keep the remote and his phone together.
  • Order a Bluetooth tracker used for tracking lost items such as keys, mobile phone or the remote!
  • Set up a large screen display clock with the time and date.

Whatever you choose, the greatest gift you can give your loved one this Father’s Day is your time. Even if you can’t be ‘present’ on the day, send a card so he knows you are thinking of him, give him a call and make a commitment to spending some quality time with him as soon as you can.

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