Phone Apps for the Elderly

There are literally millions of Mobile Apps available to download, both paid and free.  There are Apps for Social Media, Music, Movies, Recipes, Games, Finances, Shopping and so much more!  There are also Apps created specifically with the elderly in mind, that can add real value to their daily lives.  We have done some research and share some top Apps with you!

How to Download an App

To use an App, you first need to download it onto your phone.  Ensure that you are connected to the internet, either through WIFI or your Mobile Network.

If you have an iPhone, apps are available from the App Store.  Tap on the blue App store icon on your phone and search the category or name of the App you wish to download.  An Apple ID is needed to download and purchase apps on your iPhone.

If you have a phone such as a Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Huawei or LG then you will have an Android device.  To download an App, head to the Google Play Store.  You will need to be signed in with your Google Account, then choose your App and select Install to download from there.


Paid Apps

Whilst some Apps require an up-front fee to download, other Apps may be free to download but then have extra features that require payment to use.  Normally you will receive a pop-up box asking for sign-in and verification of your Account before making a purchase.

Also keep in mind that some free apps are supported by advertising, so to use that App you will be interrupted by ads.

Below is a list of some handy Apps we have put together. Whilst some of these are official Government Apps, others are chosen by searching specific categories and are by no means endorsed by us, but just suggestions of what kinds of Apps are available.


Communication Apps

Facebook and Instagram can be downloaded as Apps on your phone.


WhatsApp is a free messaging App to be used for text, pictures, video and calls.  This App is popular as it’s simple to use, it only uses a small amount of data to send and receive messages and it’s a great option for keeping in touch with family and friends overseas.


Emergency and Weather

VicEmergency is the official Victorian Government app for emergency warnings and information.




BOM Weather – The Bureau of Meteorology’s official weather App, and in Victoria we love to talk about the weather!




Assistance Apps

BIG Phone for Seniors – everything on the screen is bigger helping those with vision problems.  Android

Senior Safety Phone – Big Icons Launcher – transforms phone into an intuitive simple user-friendly interface. Android



Games and Puzzles

Train your Brain – Memory Games – Stimulating cognitive areas with senior games.  Android

Words with Friends. –  A step up from Scrabble allowing you to compete against family & friends




Safety & Tracking

Senior Safety App, GPS Tracker, Fall Alerts & More – SOS alerts, location, inactivity, calls & text tracking.   Android



Health Engine.  Find, Book & Manage all your Healthcare Online.  Android

Timeless | Care – Empowers those with Alzheimer’s reminding them of daily events.

iPhone Download

Senior Fitness – Home Workout for elderly people to increase flexibility.  Android

Map My Walk – Customised Training Plans & Coaching Tips.





Yummly –  Sharing over one million recipes matching your dietary requirements.




Cookpad. –  Publish your own recipes or search by ingredient name or dish or communicate with other cooks becoming part of the community.





Canstar Budgeting & Savings.  Reviews and rates thousands of products across 30 finance categories.

These are just a few App downloads to discover for the Elderly, that can bring hours of joy, education, and entertainment.


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