LGBTIQA+ Aged Care Community Support of Pride March

Homestyle Aged Care are proud supporters of the Midsumma Pride Festival which encompasses the Midsumma Pride March.  The March will take place in Fitzroy Street St.Kilda this Sunday February 6th, and thousands of people will line the streets and balconies along the route to cheer and wave showing their support.  The march is a display of pride and solidarity together as a strong and positive affirmation to the LGBTIQA+ Community.

Homestyle Aged Care has been proud to walk beside groups represented such as the Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria.  The March illuminates a positive and cheery environment celebrating gender and sexual diversity in all its forms and raises awareness on issues of equality and inclusion for all.

In the 2021 Pride March, Homestyle were proud to receive an honourable mention for the Peter Dewildt Award for the most significant message in the Midsumma Pride March.  This is awarded to a group with a timely and well-conveyed message of Pride.

Homestyle supports diversity in all its forms and welcomes LGBTIQA+ residents, staff, and families.  All individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, or life experiences can access the highest of care from our dedicated and caring team.  We’ve worked hard to ensure an inclusive and respectful environment.  We know LGBTIQA+ elders have unique needs, and while they stay with us, we ensure they do not face discrimination or marginalisation so they can live happy lives and feel at home.

If you would like to know more about the best LGBTIQA+ Aged Care services in Melbourne and Geelong, please call us on  1300 104 663 or contact us here.

** Please note Photos are from prior Pride Marches we participated in, when masks were not required **


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