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Positive Ageing in a Residential Aged Care Home

Residential Aged Care communities bring plenty of benefits. However, many seniors are already used to living independently, so moving into a Residential Aged Care home will definitely take some adjustments. The best way to transition smoothly is to take it slowly and at your own pace and to ensure that the home you move to has positive ageing in their focus.


What Is Positive Ageing?

Positive ageing is ‘the process of maintaining a positive attitude, feeling good about yourself, keeping fit and healthy, and engaging fully in life as you age’, according to the Australian Psychological Society. When there’s a deliberate positive attitude towards ageing in place, both the mental and physical health of a person gets a boost. As needs change and the circumstances shift, the person also gets a much better sense of well-being and control. That way, it’s easier to focus on what’s achievable and possible. It’s a much better outlook than starting to feel bad about what’s not possible anymore or things that you can’t control.

Residential Aged Care doesn’t mean having to make drastic adjustments if positive ageing isn’t quite in their priorities just yet. Read on to learn about ways that Aged Care residences can promote, support and encourage positive ageing:


Be Creative

Art therapy is a great way to get some natural serotonin and a pleasant outlook. Individuals and groups alike benefit from the arts, whether it’s performance (dance, singing, drama) or mediums like sketching and painting. The process is therapeutic, doing wonders to help convey change and understanding.

Any wonderful artwork that comes about as a result of art therapy sessions is a rather happy bonus. Whether it’s cards, clay sculptures or a nice fun song-and-dance, one can definitely feel joy and fulfilment.


Encourage Music Therapy

Don’t let the term confuse you; music therapy is actually quite straightforward. No matter your age, your health and well-being will get a boost. The overall quality of life of people undergoing music therapy also improves considerably.

Registered music therapists are trained therapists who are also skilled musicians, and they often visit Aged Care homes supporting lifestyle activities. They tend to use musical experiences to help residents achieve their personal goals. These can promote better moods, cognition, physical function and well-being.



Eating Well and Stay Active

Eating well is recommended in terms of staying healthy throughout one’s life. From childhood, eating vegetables, fruits and the like have been encouraged. They’re just as important for older adults. Exercise is much in the same boat. People at varying degrees of mobility will always find a workout that can work for them, such as yoga or taking brief walks. These activities are great at encouraging positive ageing.



Encouraging positive ageing can be assisted by tapping into music therapy, eating well, staying active and being creative.

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