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Aged Care Olympics 2021

At the Olympics the difference between winners and losers can be measured by milliseconds. The emphasis, therefore, is on being fast and accurate – timing cannot be underestimated.  And so, it was with Olympic Games events staged at our Belmont Grange and Sea Views Manor homes.  Whilst there was not the pressure of video cameras recording every movement, starting gates and that one chance in one race to represent your country, make no mistake, the competition was fierce at these two homes!

Belmont Grange Olympics

At Belmont Grange, the games began with Nurse Robyn bearing the Olympic Torch running laps around the home, an Olympic tradition, and an important part of the Opening Ceremony! Staff dressed up to celebrate the Opening Ceremony, and if you look closely, you can see our Lifestyle Assistant Cheryl had a t-shirt made with ‘Belmont Grange Olympics 2021’ on it!  Some of our residents joined in as well, sporting green and gold colours to support our resident and staff Olympians!  Belmont Grange was decorated with green and gold balloons and streamers as well as other Australian memorabilia.

An Event was held each day of the games.  Everything from egg and spoon races, hula hoop competitions, walking relays with walkers and even human quoits!  Staff sat on the floor and took turns in having quoits thrown over them.  Residents chose the best dressed Olympian, and gold was won by a staff member dressed as a Swimmer, complete with goggles and cap.

The closing ceremony was celebrated with a happy hour.  An active, engaging, and enjoyable Olympic Games was had by all at Belmont Grange.

Sea Views Manor Olympics

It was a similar story over at Sea Views Manor, participating in the first week of the Tokyo Olympics.  The Opening Ceremony was celebrated with a happy hour.  Olympic Games rings were made from garden hoses, gaffer taped and painted.  Medallions in Gold, Silver and Bronze were presented to winners from various events.  Competitions included egg & spoon races, mini golf, toss the Khyber, quirky quoits, cup stacking, carpet bowls and Olympic trivia.

The final race was a much anticipated, three staff members’, wheelchair race.  When the Medal Tally was complete, the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners were awarded with an Olympic Crown and a block of chocolate.  The Closing Ceremony was a highlight, a celebration complete with an Olympic Bar offering Mocktails and Cocktails honouring participating countries.  The drinks selection included a Sherlock Shandy, Dinky Di, Luck of the Irish, Tunisian Twist, French Kiss or a Stars and Stripes.

A great week was had by staff and residents at Sea Views Manor trying new and amended activities, with some fierce but friendly competition.  It’s great to know it is only another six months until the Winter Games in Beijing and we can do it all again!

A big thanks to all our dedicated staff for making the Olympics such an enjoyable occasion, and to our wonderful residents who embraced and participated in the event with enthusiasm and smiles.  To find out more about our Lifestyle Program or about our short term or long-term accommodation options call us on (03) 9559 0400 or email us here.


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