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Rehabilitation Services

Nola’s Stroke Recovery with Rehabilitation Services on Site

Nola moved into Homestyle Rowville Manor after suffering a stroke in August 2020. Her care needs in hospital were deemed too high for her to return home to her husband.  Moving into Rowville Manor, she could access the in-house Concentric Rehabilitation services of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Nola began rehabilitation work with the Concentric team, a leading Physiotherapy and Allied Health Provider. Concentric Healthcare Services are contracted to Homestyle, and they have a full rehabilitation gym on site.  Concentric rehabilitation packages are tailored to each resident.  In Nola’s case, she required full staff assistance to stand, was unable to walk any distance and she required a specialised wheelchair to sit safely, out of bed. Nola demonstrated increased weakness in both her right arm and leg and was limited by fatigue. Nola expressed her goal for physiotherapy was to walk again, because she was told in hospital that she would never regain this ability post her stroke and she wanted to prove her doubters wrong!

Nola participated in intensive walking practice with the Concentric team to complete laps of the parallel rails, involving the help of two therapists manually controlling her right leg movement and the use of a walking belt to keep her upright. This was then supplemented with the use of a tilt-table to help strengthen her lower legs and coordination exercises designed to stop her knee from collapsing as she walked.

Nola also benefited from her work with the occupational therapy team, who were able to assess Nola for a standard wheelchair which was light enough for her husband to push, so the couple could explore the facility grounds together. Nola also participated in upper limb therapy to improve her right arm function for personal care and eating, and she is now working on her writing skills.

Following months of rehabilitation and practice, Nola is now able to walk short distances around the home with a walking frame and can complete transfers including sitting to standing, by herself. Nola has also achieved many other therapy goals, including the completion of successful car transfers, which means she can now go out with her family, in the community, rather than relying upon a maxi-taxi for transportation.

Well done Nola on your persistence and hard work, and to the wonderful team at Concentric Rowville for their care, attention, dedication and support that they give to all our residents in rehabilitation.

If you would like to know more about rehabilitation programs in our Rowville home, or further information about short-term or long-term accommodation in one of our homes, you can phone us on (03) 9559 0400 or contact us here.


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