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Great Australian Scarecrow Competition

The Great Australian Scarecrow Competition Entry by Belmont Grange

The 2nd annual Great Australian Scarecrow Competition is currently underway, and again this year our residents, at our Belmont Grange home, have submitted an entry.  Six fabulous resident knitters banded together over three weeks to knit a colourful Puss in Boots Scarecrow, to enter the competition.  Not only was the scarecrow outfit knitted, but if you check carefully you can see the tail, ears, nose and whiskers were as well!  Our scarecrow is made from exercise balls and his boots are filled with concrete!  The “Knit and Natter” Group have met for years now, they come together a couple of times a week and come up with knitting ideas and themes.  Sometimes they knit blankets for the Royal Children’s Hospital, and on other occasions they will knit beanies, scarves and toys for various groups and charities.

Flying Brick Ciders put a call out for local residents and friends to build their most creative scarecrows to help them scare off the birds.  It is nearly harvest time for crispy apples and succulent pears that go into the making of a good cider.  The birds love to munch on fresh fruit, so all weird, wacky, pretty and terrifying scarecrows are welcomed to scare those birds away!

All scarecrows will be displayed for the world to see, admire and vote for, along the fence of the Flying Cider Co, on the Bellarine Highway in Wallington.  There are a number of cash prizes and vouchers to be won. Winners will be announced on March 13th.

Once harvest season is over the scarecrows are returned to their rightful owners.  So, if you visit our home expect to be greeted by a Puss in Boots Scarecrow sometime soon!

Good luck to our Knit and Natters team, Belmont Grange!

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