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Reputable In-Home Carer

How to Choose a Reputable In-Home Carer

When the time comes and you realise that your elderly loved one needs some assistance at home, how do you choose a reputable and reliable in-home Carer?  You want your loved one to continue to enjoy a level of comfort and safety in their own home, but you and other family members want peace of mind, knowing that you are comfortable with whomever is entering their home.


Things to consider:

  1. Assess what their needs are:
  • Assistance with personal care such as dressing and bathing?
  • Help with house cleaning and chores around the house?
  • Money management assistance and paying bills?
  • Companion assistance with driving to appointments?
  1. How often and how many hours ongoing assistance will be needed?
  2. What are their health and independence goals?
  3. Which Support Services will be of most benefit?
  4. Location and access to various services available in the area.
  5. Affordability – Which services are needed first and foremost? Do they qualify for any Government assisted care packages?
  6. Credibility – Look for reliable and dependable Carers.  Seek recommendations.
  7. Research and compare – There are many options and providers available in the in-home care space. Ensure you spend time assessing what works best for your loved one’s needs now and in the future.


Characteristics to look for in a Carer:

  • Supportive of the elderly person and their family members.
  • Demonstrates empathy and compassion.
  • Respects privacy and dignity.
  • Is considerate and kind.
  • Exhibits a positive demeanour and has a passive tone of voice.
  • Has good communication skills.
  • Is reliable and capable of fulfilling the duties of a Carer.
  • Seeks solutions to caregiving issues.
  • Supports and respects your loved one.
  • Has references you can check.


Questions to ask your Carer:

  • Their experience, when, where and with whom have they worked?
  • What kind of training do they have?
  • Can they meet your elderly loved one before you make a decision?
  • Do they have insurance?
  • References – Obtain and check from at least three prior clients’ families.


Once you have chosen a Carer you are happy with, it is important to establish daily and weekly routines and to stick with them.  Routines provide comfort and peace of mind.  If there is a routine, then you can schedule appointments around those times.

If you follow the above, you can rest assured that you have done your best to make the right decision choosing an in-home Carer.

Many of our residents used in-home care services before moving to Aged Care.  Our preferred Supplier is Prestige In-Home Care.

If you would like to know more about one of our homes, you can call us on (03) 9559 0400 or contact us here.



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