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Loneliness in Older People and Connecting with Community

Loneliness is most common in those aged over 75 and younger people, but more recently because of the pandemic, it has affected people of all ages across all diversities.  According to research, loneliness can impact an individual’s health as much as poor cardiovascular health or dementia.  Inability to participate fully in lifestyle activities due to a decline in physical health, living alone, retiring from the workforce, changes to family dynamics and of course the restrictions Covid-19 have imposed on our lifestyles, are some of the reasons why someone might feel isolated and lonely.  It’s no surprise then that loneliness is inexorably linked to depression.

It’s important to recognise feelings of depression, sadness and isolation in your loved ones, as it can be difficult for people to reach out when they feel lonely.  Your elderly loved ones may feel embarrassed to admit they are struggling with these feelings and may not share openly.

It’s important for us as humans to feel connected to the Community we live in, and that has been a sad consequence of Covid-19 Lock-down and imposed restrictions, especially in Melbourne.  There are a number of ways in which we can support our elders to reach out by getting involved in Community groups and activities, now we are adopting to our new Covid-19 lifestyles.

Here’s a list of suggestions:

Living in an Aged Care Community there are many opportunities for residents to get involved with the activities on offer, as well as guest speakers and entertainers visiting the homes.  Living in an Aged Community is in itself a good way to combat loneliness.

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