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Joan Steps Out – From Non-Ambulant to Independent Walking assisted with a frame

In the first month of Joan’s arrival as a new resident at our Rowville Manor home, she was met by Occupational Therapist Quynhi from Concentric Healthcare Services.  Concentric are contracted to Homestyle, and provide award winning rehabilitation programs tailored to our residents needs in our on-site specially designed gym.

Concentric’s rehab packages are tailored to each resident to achieve outcomes such as increased social participation, increased strength, mobility and balance, and most importantly the program is proven to decrease functional decline.

The packages are divided into three streams:

  1. Falls/Balance – for those that have balance impairment.
  2. Strength/Mobility – for those that are struggling with strength in their knees or shoulders.
  3. Functionality – for those unwell or have cognitive impairment.

Joan was assessed and after consultation with her family, it was decided that the Functionality program best fitted her requirements.  Joan has always put others before herself.  She’s the first to admit that she was a mail order shopping addict, and always on the look-out for presents for her children and grandchildren, as well as purchasing disability equipment.  Quynhi advised Joan that often disability equipment advertised in mailing catalogues were poorly designed and unsafe to use.

With encouragement from Quynhi,  on October 1st Joan kicked her mail order shopping habit and made a conscious decision to invest in herself.  Joan was in a wheelchair and needed assistance from two staff to move anywhere.  Her goal was to walk 50 metres from her room to the dining room with her walking frame.

Over the next 6 weeks Joan prioritised her mobility and worked hard in the gym with encouragement and reassurance from Quynhi.  Her focus was the independence that would come with being able to move about unassisted and not waiting for help from staff.

On Friday November 13th, Joan turned the big 90.  To cheers and hand clapping from other residents and staff, Joan walked with her frame from her room to the dining room.  So enthused was Joan and her self-esteem so improved she even made an appearance at “Happy Hour”. Her 90th birthday was celebrated with cake and a rendition of Happy Birthday sung by residents and staff.  But Joan won’t stop there!  With the support of Quynhi and other staff at Concentric, Joan now has a new goal.  Joan will be reassessed every three months when her progress and program are reviewed.  She hopes to one day be able to navigate the few steps at her daughter’s place in anticipation of an outing there.

Happy Birthday and congratulations Joan on such a wonderful achievement.  Keep up the good work, and thanks Quynhi and all the wonderful staff at Concentric Rowville for your hard work and the care, support and dedication you give to our residents.

If you would like to know more about rehabilitation programs in our Rowville home or further information about short -term or long-term accommodation in one of our homes, you can phone us on (03) 9559 0400 or contact us here.

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