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Aged Care Heroes in Australia

Coronavirus Aged Care Heroes in Australia

Our recent Stage Four Lockdown in Melbourne, after a devastating second wave of Coronavirus, bought to light some remarkable unsung heroes working in Aged Care.

The exceptional efforts of our own Mike Foley, the Director of Nursing at our Melville Grange home, who went above and beyond in extremely stressful circumstances, was nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you Mike for the unbelievable number of tasks you selflessly took on, the 12 hour days you worked, as well as having to self-isolate from your family. That no other staff member or resident contracted COVID-19 is testament to your leadership and guidance in protecting all of us.

An excerpt from the Article at is below…

Looking back at Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic, nobody had it tougher than Victorians: a devastating second wave, stage four lockdown and countless deaths that the state will continue to recover from for months to come.

And while the sector was hit hard, it was the unbelievable efforts of aged care staff under extraordinary circumstances throughout that second wave that helped keep countless numbers of people safe. has been inundated with stories of workers around Australia who went above and beyond this year, including the efforts of three remarkable Victorians – one of them being Melville Grange facility manager Mike Foley who “gave his life” to save others.

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Not only does Mr Foley have “the experience and ability to do absolutely anything in a home” and “always puts the residents in our care first”, his co-worker Tim Humphries told, but he dropped everything to help the home when a team member tested positive for COVID-19 in the midst of Melbourne’s hard lockdown.

“Knowing this would mean he would need to self-isolate from all others outside of the workplace, Mike agreed to take charge,” Mr Humphries said, recounting the unbelievable number of tasks that Mr Foley selflessly took on.

“In the home Mike managed absolutely everything from infection control to catering, cleaning, FaceTime visits for residents, providing a number of government departments with updates, while still being on call for another of our homes and leading the team brilliantly to follow in his footsteps,” Mr Humphries said.

“He worked 12 hours a day for a month, while self-isolating at home for 14 days away from his wife and four children. The ultimate reward for Mike’s remarkable effort was that no other staff member or resident contracted COVID-19.”

Mr Humphries’ said Mr Foley’s desire to protect residents and the team from a situation that “was extremely stressful, and possibly harmful” was nothing short of extraordinary.

“As an observer I can’t imagine what went on, particularly on that first night, but what I am certain of is that had Mike not agreed to put his life on hold, the outcome would not have been as good as it was.”

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