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Point Cook Manor

Cultural Diversity at Point Cook Manor

Just like the Western Suburbs that surround us, we are proud to celebrate the cultural diversity of our Residents and Families here at Point Cook Manor!

Spanning three continents, from the Land of the Midnight Sun to the Land of the Long White Cloud, we have welcomed Residents from over twenty different countries, each with their own unique languages, cultures and beliefs.

Through food and music, activities and events, art and culture, we celebrate our differences by coming together to share our individual stories and experiences.  We regularly hold cultural celebrations with our Residents – with movies and crafts, music and books, and even hosting cooking classes from some of our very own Residents who wish to share the food and traditions from home with their Point Cook family!

If you would like to visit Point Cook Manor to experience our warm and welcoming home for yourself, please contact us on 03 9394 2500 during business hours to book a tour.


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