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Moving your parents into Aged Care

The process for getting your parent(s) into Aged Care.


If you’re looking at moving loved ones into Aged Care, it can be stressful and challenging if you are not sure what you are doing.  How much easier and quicker would it be if you knew the correct process to follow for getting your parent(s) into Aged Care?  We share 4 steps with you to get the ball rolling:

1 . Firstly contact your loved one’s GP or another health professional to organize a meeting with an Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS).    An assessor from ACAS will assess your loved ones by asking questions such as:

  • Their current health condition, lifestyle and any other health concerns.
  • How they are currently managing with completing daily tasks and activities around the home.
  • Any concerns regarding personal safety in the home.
  • Any current support they have or services they use such as meals on wheels
  • Details of their family and community commitments.

2. Once you have received your ACAS Assessment you can begin looking at aged care home options.  This will involve research on your behalf, as well as visits to Aged Care homes to compare and see what each have to offer. You will need to look at:

  • The type of care, services and activities the home offers.
  • The fees payable for care and services as well as the accommodation prices.
  • Whether they offer dementia programs and respite?

3. Once you have decided on a home, there is paperwork to complete.  Check with the Department of Human Services to find out if your loved one is eligible for government assistance with their fees and accommodation payments.

There are Agencies and services to assist you, that can review your individual financial situation and provide the best solutions to meet your needs.  Our preferred supplier is Core Value Financial Advice.   Shane Lawler the Principal and Financial Advisor can be contacted here.

4. Move into your new home.  There are specialised services available that can help you downsize and move into your new home.  They can assist with decluttering, sorting and organizing as well as presenting your home for sale.

Adjustment into a new home and environment are to be expected, but with families involvement and encouragement the process can be eased.

If you would like to visit one of our homes please contact us here.


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