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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Knitting Poppy Flowers at Homestyle Aged Care
Remembrance Day Knitting Poppy Flowers at Homestyle Aged Care

Remembrance Day, Sunday 11 November will have special significance for the ladies of Green Gables.  Lavinia, Lorraine, Violet, Ruby and Doreen as well as a couple of sewing ladies have been busy the past few months knitting Poppy Flowers to make a Wreath and Art Banner for Remembrance Day.


The program started a few months ago with the usual Tuesday afternoon of knitting blankets and then it moved to knitting baby clothes of booties and hoodies.  But the Green Gables knitting angels wanted to do more, something different and something special.  When Lifestyle Co-coordinator Melissa suggested the ladies participate in a Remembrance Day Project, they were sold.  Melissa sourced a pattern and so the knitting afternoons throughout winter began.  Not only was it every Tuesday, but the ladies were so keen they would also knit on weekends.

Each Poppy Flower takes around one and a half hours to knit and now the Poppy flowers outnumber 100. The ladies have been able to put together a poppy art banner that they will proudly hang and display on the wall leading up to Remembrance Day.  There are also enough poppy flowers for each of the residents to be able to  wear on remembrance day.

On the day, two representatives from the RSL will join the residents for a service at 11.00am to honor our veterans, followed by a BBQ lunch later.  Residents are thrilled with what they have achieved. This exciting program has allowed residents to be part of Remembrance Day by knitting poppy flowers and bringing honor to our ‘veterans’.

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