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Residents dancing at the Elvis Rock and Roll Night

Elvis Rock and Roll Night

Staff dressed up at the Elvis Rock and Roll Night
Staff dressed up at the Elvis Rock and Roll Night

Staff and residents at Langford Grange were feeling ‘All Shook up” after their recent Elvis Rock and Roll Night.  Close to 100 residents and their families and staff took part in ‘The Big Night In” celebration.  This event has taken place once a year for the past 5 years in the Entertainment Room during the evening, so resident’s families can join in the fun.

An entertainer attended for the occasion, played his guitar, sang Elvis classics and had a little boogie with the residents.  The residents thoroughly enjoyed listening to Elvis hits and danced along to old favourites such as ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.

Our team dressed up in a rock and roll theme, with one person even adorning an Elvis outfit!  They also helped the residents add a touch of rock and roll to their outfits!

Residents spent close to 2 months preparing and making decorations for the night.  There were some wonderful creations such as records, names of songs, and even milkshakes all made with cardboard and paper.

Party food was served including fresh sandwiches and delicious cheese platters.  Many residents won prizes in the raffle, anything from soft toys and hampers to a beautiful knitted rug made by a member of staff.

The night drew to a close with a few slow dances.  Two couples that had not had a dance in 10 years together, shared a slow dance and there were a few happy tears from our team!

A big thank you to our dedicated team for making the Elvis Rock and Roll night in August a huge success and so enjoyable for our residents.  Thanks also to our wonderful residents for their enthusiasm and having a little “shake, Rattle n Roll”.

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