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A Group of Old People Doing Plantation

Residents get their hands dirty in Sea Views Manor’s sensory garden

Earlier this year, Sea Views Manor in Ocean Grove, began construction on a new sensory garden which has proved a positive experience for all its residents.

Carefully planned and researched by Lifestyle Assistant, Alana and Sea Views Manor’s gardener, Lindsay, the sensory garden has been designed to stimulate all five senses – touch, smell, hear, taste and see.

Initially built for the Special Needs unit, but now enjoyed by all, the Sensory Garden is accessed by two large glass doors from the communal lounge area, which are kept open during the warmers hours of the day, creating easy access for residents and an inviting atmosphere.

The garden showcases a variety of plants, flowers and herbs specially chosen with the purpose to stimulate the senses and enhance the residents’ life. Plantings of chocolate daisies, lavender and lemon geraniums are interspersed with ‘lamb’s ears’, rosemary and mint.

The project has been so successful that the Lifestyle team decided to incorporate a raised veggie bed into the garden with the help of onsite handyman, Ray Baxter and resident Laurie Ogle.

Many residents had their own vegetable gardens before moving into Sea Views Manor’s aged care facility, or grew up in an era where a veggie patch in the backyard was the norm.

Planted with tomatoes, strawberries, carrots and cucumbers Alana says that residents enjoy being outside and love the responsibility of watering the garden and watching their vegetables grow.

“A stroll in the garden, along with a conversation, smell and taste of a plant tends to be a positive experience for everyone,” said Alana.

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