Community Partnerships – Ferndale Gardens


Homestyle Residents Embrace Intergenerational Experiences

Homestyle’s commitment to nourishing our residents’ interests and continuing to promote new and diverse experiences has seen the establishment of a range of Intergenerational Programs as a planned initiative during 2016-2017.

Partnering with Maroondah Council and Swinburne TAFE, Ferndale Gardens hosted a series of sessions during which students from Swinburne and residents from Ferndale Gardens paired up through the common interest of music.

Times shared were filled with smiles, laughter and learning about each other. In the words of one of the residents who participated “we’re having fun here”. This is especially meaningful when we consider that aged care environments are not always thought of as “fun”.

Age barriers were broken down and stereotypes were left at the door as all participants began to meet through the language of music.

The video below speaks much more eloquently than these words convey so please take five minutes to sample the wonderful experience that this program has been for residents and students alike.