ACRC Responsible Care Initiative


Homestyle Aged Care joins the growing movement of ACRC ‘Responsible Care’ Initiative.

As a Responsible Care pledger, Homestyle Aged Care commit to 4 principles;

Principle 1
Report openly on performance achievements and shortcomings. Acknowledge that identifying areas for improvement are critical to improving standards and quality of care delivered to all older people.

Principle 2
Listen, engage and work with older people and their carers to understand and address their concerns and expectations.

Principle 3
Encourage all employees providing care and other company stakeholders to commit to and participate in responsible care.

Principle 4
Make responsible care a priority and commit to open engagement in a public forum to help older people identify quality services and drive continuous improvements.

The “Responsible Care” slogan encourages all companies ‘to engage online responsibly and open up communication channels’.