Aged Care Fees Simplified


Did you know there are generally only four aged care fees you may pay?

Basic Daily Fee

Everyone pays this aged care fee and it is equivalent to 85% of the single full rate aged pension.  It covers the cost of living expenses such as cooking, cleaning, heating and cooling.

Accommodation Costs

Depending on your level on income, the Government may pay for or assist with the cost of your room.

There are three levels of support;

  • Fully Supported – the Government will cover all the costs of your room
  • Partially Supported – the Government will assist with the cost of your room
  • Non Supported – the Government will not assist with the cost of you room

If you are Non Supported, you will generally pay the cost of the room as advertised by the provider.  Here at Homestyle, we have rooms ranging from 250k right through to 500k to ensure we offer a range of options to suit everyone’s preference and budget.

Means Tested Care Fee

This is a Government aged care fee collected by providers.  It is the Government recovering the cost of aged care from those who are deemed to be in a position to afford it.  A comprehensive assessment is completed of your income and assets which will determine this fee.  It may range between $1 and in excess of $200 per day.  The amount you pay is also subject to yearly and lifetime caps.

Extra/Additional Services

This is an additional fee that we do NOT have at Homestyle.  If accepting a certain room with another provider you may be asked to pay Extra Services.  This fee provides a range of additional extras such as alcohol with a meal, complimentary beauty services or special room location to name only a few.  At Homestyle we believe you should not be without and if you would like extras such as beauty services we will provide them on a user pays system ensuring it remains cost effective and you’re not paying for things you wont use.

Aged Care Fees Summary

If you have questions or would like to discuss aged care fees, please call Mark Saunderson at Homestyle Aged Care Head Office on (03) 9559 0400 or email

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